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2019 指导委员会选举结果

作者:Bob Killen (University of Michigan), Jorge Castro (VMware), Brian Grant (Google), and Ihor Dvoretskyi (CNCF) 2019 指导委员会选举 是 Kubernetes 项目的重要里程碑。最初的自助委员会正逐步退休,现在该委员会已缩减到最后分配的 7 个席位。指导委员会的所有成员现在都由 Kubernetes 社区选举产生。 接下来的选举将选出 3 到 4 名委员,任期两年。 <!–


The Kubernetes Steering Committee Election is now complete and the following candidates came ahead to secure two-year terms that start immediately (in alphabetical order by GitHub handle): –>


Kubernetes 指导委员会选举现已完成,以下候选人提前获得立即开始的两年任期 (按 GitHub handle 的字母顺序排列) :

  • Christoph Blecker (@cblecker), Red Hat
  • Derek Carr (@derekwaynecarr), Red Hat
  • Nikhita Raghunath (@nikhita), Loodse
  • Paris Pittman (@parispittman), Google 他们加入了 Aaron Crickenberger (@spiffxp), Google;Davanum Srinivas (@dims),VMware; and Timothy St. Clair (@timothysc), VMware,使得委员会更圆满。Aaron、Davanum 和 Timothy 占据的这些席位将会在明年的这个时候进行选举。


  • 感谢最初的引导委员会创立了最初项目的管理并监督了多年的过渡期:
  • And also thanks to the other Emeritus Steering Committee Members. Your prior service is appreciated by the community: –>
  • 同样感谢其他的已退休指导委员会成员。社区对你们先前的服务表示赞赏:
  • Thanks to the candidates that came forward to run for election. May we always have a strong set of people who want to push the community forward like yours in every election.
  • Thanks to all 377 voters who cast a ballot.
  • And last but not least…Thanks to Cornell University for hosting CIVS! –>
  • 感谢参选的候选人。 愿在每次选举中,我们都能拥有一群像您一样推动社区向前发展的人。
  • 感谢所有投票的377位选民。
  • 最后,感谢康奈尔大学举办的 CIVS! <!–

    Get Involved with the Steering Committee

You can follow along with Steering Committee backlog items and weigh in by filing an issue or creating a PR against their repo. They meet bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 8pm UTC and regularly attend Meet Our Contributors. They can also be contacted at their public mailing list steering@kubernetes.io.

Steering Committee Meetings: –>


你可以跟进指导委员会的 代办事项,通过提出问题或者向 仓库 提交一个 pr 。他们每两周一次,在 UTC 时间周三晚上 8 点 会面,并定期与我们的贡献者见面。也可以通过他们的公共邮件列表 steering@kubernetes.io 联系他们。

指导委员会会议: * YouTube 播放列表

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